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Professional Actor

An Experienced, Versatile, and Esteemed Professional Actor

His roles on stage have earned him acclaim. His reputation as a professional actor precedes him, and his work has graced the stages of various theatre companies. Those forums include performances at The Kennedy Center, Ford's Theatre, and others. Darryl V. Jones is an experienced, versatile, and esteemed professional actor, and a wonderful addition to any play, or theatre production.

Among the roles in which Darryl V. Jones has honed and exhibited his acting skills, he was most recently honored for his part in the 2017 musical Priscilla, being nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Oh yes, and Darryl V. Jones isn't only a professional actor, he is quite gifted at choreography too.

Versatile, stage experience, and awarded and recognized, Darryl V. Jones has a history of success in stage and theatre. And if recent history is any indication, the future for this professional actor will continue to shine. Directing, acting, choreographing, and continuing his passion for theater, this is Darryl V. Jones, coming to a venue near you soon.

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