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Theatre Director

Need a Theatre Director or Professor?

They hold the production together, they keep the big picture in focus while assisting with the minute details of each line and delivery, and they are directors. There is no such thing as a great production, a great play, or a great musical without a talented and capable theatre director. Darryl V. Jones is not only an experienced and accomplished theatre director, but he is also a reputed theatre professor.

Are you working on producing a new play? Do you need some help with directing an upcoming play or musical? Along with an impressive list of credentials detailing his experience as a theatre professor, Darryl V. Jones also has many awards and has received much recognition for his work as a theatre director.

In addition to his numerous Best Director and Outstanding Production awards, Darryl V. Jones's work as a theatre director spans many types of forums, topics, and genres of stage and play. As a teacher at heart, and a man with a passion for the performing arts, Darryl V. Jones welcomes anyone with aspirations of putting on a play, performance, or who has hopes of becoming a director.

Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are in need of a theatre director or even a professor of theatre. All the world's a stage, life a play, and we are the actors. 

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