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" Aurora delivers a knockout with 'The Royale' "

-Lily Janiak 

"“The Royale...directed with stunning certainty by Darryl V. Jones, is a triumph of the highest order, a highly stylized dramatization based on the surreal existence of Johnson."

-David John Chavez, Bay Area Plays

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"Darryl V. Jones is a beatifically beaming sun…"

-Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News

"Darryl V. Jones is resplendent in gold as the sun, his voice so joyful it seems to cast rays outward. "

-Lily Janiak

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CSUEB first-ever online production,

Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau, directed by Darryl V. Jones,

 received the Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Award, 

Special Achievement in Virtual Community Engagement and Audience Development, Special Achievement in Performance for students, and Special Achievement in Directing for Theatre Faculty, Darryl V. Jones.

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