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" Aurora delivers a knockout with 'The Royale' "

-Lily Janiak 

"“The Royale...directed with stunning certainty by Darryl V. Jones, is a triumph of the highest order, a highly stylized dramatization based on the surreal existence of Johnson."

-David John Chavez, Bay Area Plays

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“Since Darryl V. Jones is the only male,
it is easy to identify him as “The Man” who performs and sings with great skill in his many incarnations.”

-Cordell Reports

“The award honored, marvelous

Darryl V. Jones plays all the male roles an everyman mentioned by the hat-wearing women with a distinguished enthusiasm, ‘You only have one head’ he brings extraordinary flair and energy to gospel strutting and hip-hop breakdowns.”


-Vince Mediaa, VmediArts

"Delivering the can’t-be-topped songs from Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, the rest of the cast, (most playing dual roles) are equally excellent: Darryl V. Jones, with his deep baritone voice, gives the Tin Man a certain dignity"


-Chuck Louden, Stage and Cinema

"Jones plays the Tin Man with a sense of authority and power–and with such tremendous heart that it seems impossible his character would lack one."

-Patrick Thomas, Talkin’ Broadway

 "Backed by Jones and Faustine, effervescent Anderson sings hits as her life unrolls. Jones displays his masterful dramatic talents in many roles, shining as her husband who turns out to be a gambler at her expense."


-Barry David Horwitz, Theatrius


"As a sustained feat of musical tribute, “Halie!” stakes its claim in clear and often stirring musical terms. "


-Steven Winn, SF Chronicle

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